If you would like to upgrade your proxies to a new amount, then please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the proxy dashboard HERE
  2. While in the proxy dashboard, select the 'Upgrade/Downgrade' tab HERE
  3. Enter the *TOTAL amount of proxies that you would like: 
    1. *Example: If you have 5 USA Dedicated Proxies, and would like to have 10 total, then you would enter 10 into the upgrade blank.
  4. Click 'Upgrade': Screenshot
  5. You may then apply a promo code if you'd like. If not, click 'OK' to proceed with the upgrade. 
  6. You may be asked to verify your PayPal email HERE
  7. You will then be able to Pay on the invoice using the PayPal button HERE
  8. Once you pay, the system will automatically add the proxies to your account. 

*The amount shown on the invoice is the amount that is prorated to your billing period. This means that if you upgrade 15 days into your 30 day billing period, you will only be charged for the remaining 15 days left in the billing period. After the billing period ends, you will be charged the total amount for the total amount of proxies for a new 30 day billing period. 

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If you need further assistance, please open a support ticket here: http://support.blazingseollc.com/support/tickets/new