From various reports from previous customers, the below list are all the sites that we know our proxies do not work on. Due to our policy, we do NOT refund your orders based on "proxies not working on X site" -- our only guarantee is that the proxies are able to be connected to. That being said, please read the list below carefully before making your purchase. When in doubt, buy the 5 proxy plan to test... if those work you can easily upgrade your proxies to a higher plan automatically and without additional charges.


  2. (and ticketmaster mobile)
  4. Pokemon Go

You may find that your proxy is no longer working to the site that you are using the proxy for. This most likely means that the proxies became blocked to the preferred website you were trying to access. We have an article on how to verify if the proxies are working here: Proxies not Working

We also have an article on how to confirm if a proxy is blocked from a website here: How to Check if a Proxy is Blocked from a Website

We unfortunately do not have any control of your preferred sites security, and if the proxies are being soft blocked due to some sort of abuse detected by your preferred site, then that is something that we are not in control of, but rather the user using the proxy is.

The more careful you are with the proxy, the less chance there is of any blocks or verification that would occur. However, we cannot be sure of any site's exact security measures. 

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If you have any further questions about this, please contact our support team here: