The reason we're certain the proxies are working is because our infrastructure has 24/7 monitoring on all of our proxy servers. If there are any issues, our engineers are alerted immediately. At this time we do not have any indication of a downtime, so likely the problem is the particular use case you are trying the proxies on.

It is important that you understand what proxy configurations are required for your respective programs that you are using.

1.) Please be are using the proper port number along with the proxies you are using.

 A.) IP authorization uses port 3128

 B.) Where as Username/Password authorization uses port 4444. 

2.) You will need to authorize your own computers/servers IP if you plan on using IP authorization. You can simply follow this video guide on how to authorize your computers/servers IP address 

3.) If you are using Username/Password authorization you can follow this video guide on how to use the proxies with user/pass.

If you are still having issues please send us a support ticket here